Eye Clinic Support

North East Essex

We have a qualified Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO), who provides support at Colchester  Eye Clinic. She mostly works remotely and contacts patients by phone but can also arrange home visits when necessary. We also provide support at Brentwood Community Hospital in conjunction with BASIS thanks to funding through Essex Community Foundation from the Malcolm and Beryl Crook Fund.

Two other staff members have also had ECLO training and ECLOs can play a key role in helping with the practical and emotional support people with sight loss and their families’ need to understand the impact of their diagnosis and maintain independence. Being diagnosed with an eye condition can be difficult to come to terms with and while everyone reacts differently, it can be an extremely confusing and uncertain time and, in many cases, emotionally traumatic.

An ECLO has the time to dedicate to patients following consultation, so that they can discuss the impact the condition may have on their life, providing emotional and practical support. They work closely with medical and nursing staff in the eye clinic and can liaise with the sensory team in social services.  They can also take self-referrals and visit patients in their homes if they are unable to come to our sight centres to offer advice about aids and equipment.

Mid and South Essex

Mid and South Essex NHS trust in conjunction with the RNIB have succeeded in gaining funding to appoint a full time ECLO to provide patient support in Broomfield  Eye Clinic.

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