Case Studies

A home visit led to subsequent visits at two/three of our sight centres

Gentleman seen at home for demonstration of lighting.  He subsequently attended Colchester sight centre for demonstration of further equipment.  It was then great to see him at Harwich Sight centre where we were able to help him use his CD player; purchase a calendar and he thoroughly enjoyed his demonstration of Optilec text to speech.

His wife had previously mentioned that he was somewhat socially isolated, and they are both planning to attend the Clacton Sight Centre which I think they will thoroughly enjoy.

A patient referred at Clacton Hospital: this patient was referred to me for support in coping with the eye drop regime after her upcoming cataract surgery as she has mild dementia and no nearby relatives.

Although I tried to keep her on the subject of the upcoming cataract surgery it became apparent that she was extremely anxious about another matter and so I sat and listened to her talk about a utility bill. As she talked she became calmer and began to make more sense. Ultimately what became apparent was that she had been receiving debt collector’s letters for an unpaid electricity bill which threatened to cut off her electricity unless she paid it. She had received a number of these letters and had at first ignored them as she presumed they were to do with changing her supplier and it would all get resolved once that had gone through.

As time went on and they kept coming she contacted the company to try and sort it out to no avail. Eventually due to her vulnerability and sight impairment she had gone to her bank and arranged for the £20,000 bill to be paid! She now realised that the bill was not hers and had unsuccessfully tried to speak to the company to get the money back.

With her permission I immediately raised a safeguarding referral for her as a vulnerable adult. After explaining the details over the phone to Social Services this was accepted, and this lady was greatly relieved to be on the road to getting her money back and hopefully some support for her aftercare when she has the cataracts surgery!

Home Visit to Mr XXX, he was quite distressed about his treatment by one of the consultants at the hospital and is now under a different one. He is struggling to come to terms with his sight loss and the rapid deterioration which he feels he wasn’t warned about by the consultant. I spent a good 2 hours talking about this and the possible avenues of support available. He is aware of the local club and has been a couple of times.

He has made a recent claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) with the help of the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). I suggested he would benefit from some formal counselling which he agreed to and also being assessed at the Low Vision Aids (LVA) clinic for a magnifier and TV specs and light bulbs and shades. He is on a low income so the PIP will really help with getting some help with his condition. CAB will help him if he has to appeal a refusal.

I demonstrated the Daylight bulb which made a big difference and he would like to get some when he gets paid. I also told him about the coffee morning at our Sight Centre as this would be a useful social outlet for him. He is waiting for his welcome pack from Community Transport as he has applied for this already. I have made referrals for him for counselling and LVA clinic.