Advice & Support

We can provide advice on the many local, regional and national services and agencies that may be able to assist you, from benefits and working to transport and social activities.

We can give you information and advice on equipment and we carry a wide range for demonstration ranging from simple kitchen aids to lighting, so you can come and try them out and find what is best for you. If you need a specific item that we don’t have, we can usually find it for you.

Our  sight centres carry a smaller range of equipment, but if you want to try something specifically, we can usually arrange to bring it out and demonstrate it.

We often have items of equipment that people donate to us to help other visually impaired people. If you want a real bargain please do contact us.

Technology is constantly developing and there is a wide range to assist people who are blind or have low vision. From smart phones and tablets to computers and screen readers, hardware and software, there is bound to be something that can help you at home, work, school, or university and we can usually demonstrate it.

Our Techy Guru can help you make the most out of your existing or new device, to help you find what works best for you. There may be functions or apps that you may not be aware of on your existing smart phone that we can help you discover or voice controlled phones and home technologies like the Amazon Echo. If you want more information or to book a one to one training session, just get in touch.